Wyre IT Ltd

Wyre IT MTDVAT - Terms and Conditions

Wyre IT MTDVAT is a piece of desktop software designed to bridge with an external spreadsheet. We DO NOT store any of your information on our systems.

We bear no responsibility for the validity of the data you provide. The values we return to HMRC are the values you pass to us.

Boxes 3 and 5 are automatically calculated by our software, based on the figures supplied by you in other boxes on the VAT form. You can review these numbers and must confirm they are correct before submitting the return to HMRC.

We do not calculate any other values apart from boxes 3 and 5 on your VAT return. You need to do this in your spreadsheet/application and we merely transfer that data to HMRC.

We are NOT responsible for errors in your data.

You need to accept the following declaration (as specified by HMRC) before we post the return : When you submit this VAT information you are making a legal declaration that the information is true and complete. A false declaration can result in prosecution.